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September 25, 2019

Recovering from surgery at home - the role of digital health

A little while back, my friend's 82-year-old father had hip replacement surgery, which went well and after a few days of recovery, he was eager to get home. He was discharged late in the evening and by that time, the local home medical equipment (HME) store was closed and so he went home without a walker. His wife would pick one up in the morning.

In the middle of the night, he got up to use the restroom and fell. Of course he re-injured his hip and ended up back in the hospital for additional treatment that could have been avoided if the things he needed to recover had been simply delivered to him prior to the procedure.

I recently had the opportunity to share this experience during a presentation at the HME News Business Summit in Cleveland. It is amazing to me, in the day of Amazon, Walmart, Instacart, and BestBuy's Geek Squad bringing nearly anything imaginable to our front doors, that we have to wait for a brick-and-mortar storefront to open in the morning to get medical equipment. There was a lot of discussion about how the HME space will evolve over the year to take advantage of new technologies, new service delivery capabilities, rapid consolidation of players, and new large entrants to the space.

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January 31, 2019

Xealth delivers digital health at scale on AWS

Xealth recognized as advanced tier partner from Amazon Web Services

Xealth spun out of Providence in June 2017 with the intent to help hospital systems take advantage of the digital health ecosystem in order to hit key fiscal, strategic and clinical care goals. Lofty aspirations from a founding team with a background in consumer electronics who knew more about building a keyboard to support 97 languages than they did about care gaps, post-surgical recovery pathways, and HEDIS scores.

Two years on, the team is proud to have five of the top health systems in the country as customers who are using Xealth to efficiently and effectively integrate digital care tools and products – leveraging digital assets rather than paper and phone calls.

"We've connected up to 30 different vendors in just 12 months across several big systems, a pretty fast pace for healthcare, or so we're told" said Mike McSherry CEO. "Connecting these health systems, which traditionally have on-premise IT infrastructures, to cloud-based digital health vendors through APIs needed a bridge. At Xealth we required cloud storage and processing capabilities in order to serve as a connector, so knew we needed a mature and healthcare compliant cloud services provider."

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November 29, 2018

Xealth Launches OTC Product Recommendations, Starting with Amazon Ecommerce Purchasing Then Expanding to Other Retailers

In another step in the company's journey to extend healthcare outside the walls of an exam room, Xealth announced today the launch of a new tool that allows doctors the ability to digitally send over the counter (OTC) product recommendations to patients so they can purchase them from their favorite retailer – either online and or in store.

"We created Xealth with the mission to vastly improve physician efficiency and patient experiences," says Mike McSherry, CEO of Xealth. "This product prescribing feature represents the best of that vision. By digitizing clinical workflows, we reduce the friction patients feel when buying recommended products for their care."

Today, doctors frequently recommend OTC products such as ice packs and knee braces to patients manually – often by providing print outs, handwritten notes, or by copy and pasting links. Using Xealth technology, physicians can now digitally recommend these same OTC items, right from their Electronic Medical Record (EMR). Patients can then access this list and purchase items from retailers like Amazon and others. This reduces physician time, increases accuracy, and provides a much-improved, more convenient method for patients to get the care they need to get better.

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