Survey Says Moms Want In-Person Care with a Side of Digital

Healthcare has been shifting towards a more consumer-friendly experience and the pandemic prompted a fast roll-out of virtual care. Seeing the benefit to patient engagement, treatment compliance and patient retention, digital health smashed investment records during just the first half of 2021 with a record $14.7 billion, already more than was raised in all of 2020.

To better understand how time and COVID-19 have shaped digital health attitudes, Xealth commissioned a survey among more than 1,000 U.S. women who are new or expectant mothers. A majority (57%) of these moms have a more favorable opinion of digital health since the pandemic began.

Looking Deeper:

  • Telehealth appointments with their doctor increased 540%
  • 83% of survey respondents had in-person visits with their doctor
  • A surprisingly high number of people name Zoom as a digital health company

Digital health tools moms have now started using:

  • Patient portal (31.3%)
  • Telehealth visits (33.7%)
  • Mobile apps (23.8%)
  • Medical device to monitor at home (10.7%)

The widest gaps in patient expectations versus current state exist related to:

  • Price transparency (97.6% difference)
  • Virtual monitoring/tracking tools (62.5% difference)
  • Electronic refill of prescriptions (58.7% difference)

Opportunities for hospitals to improve the digital health experience:

  • Use digital health to expand services and deepen engagement
  • Adjust for enhanced patient experience
  • Listen to patients’ digital health needs

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