Our Response to COVID-19

Engaging Patients

Hospital systems are using digital health tools in the following ways:

Supporting telehealth visits

Helping patients prepare for their visit

Most systems are experiencing a massive spike in telehealth visits, and we are powering patient education on getting setup for these visits and troubleshoot technical issues. From idea to go-live in four days.

Remote patient monitoring

Keeping track of symptomatic, but not severe, patients quarantined at home

Two health systems are using a care pathway solution to immediately enroll patients who are symptomatic into a remote monitoring pathway so that even though they are quarantined at home, they have the ability to be monitored in real time by a virtual nursing team. This went from an idea to go-live in seven days.

Supporting in-person visits

Providing COVID-19 information in advance

One system is responding to every single scheduled visit with COVID-19 specific information, which can be changed depending on the demographics of the patient and reason for the visit.

Behavioral Health

Making tools for anxiety, stress and depression easily available

There’s currently a massive influx of patients that are stressed, anxious, or depressed, and no facilities to treat them in traditional settings. One system is rolling out a digital mental health tool across three states. From idea to go-live in 14 days.

We are constantly monitoring this evolving situation and are working fast to meet health systems’ needs. Please contact us if there are specific requirements that your hospital is looking to address.