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Payer-provider collaboration results in positive outcomes

Froedtert and the Medical College of Wisconsin health network partners with insurer Network Health to get patients enrolled in diabetes monitoring tool Glooko


Managing diabetic patients successfully requires a coordinated approach from clinicians and patients over a relatively long time. Froedtert was looking to make it easy for clinicians to monitor these patients and remove barriers that might keep patients from staying on track.


Froedtert teamed up with insurance partner Network Health to cover Glooko, a digital health platform that collects and shares diabetes and activity data, for certain patient populations, removing the need for patients to pay. Glooko is then prescribed through Xealth, making monitoring data easily accessible from within the patient record. This way, clinicians access this information without having to toggle back and forth between different solutions.

With Xealth delivering the Glooko mobile app for patients, clinicians have integrated access to the patients’ current information which leads to more informed patient care decisions, even when the patient cannot visit the clinic in person.


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