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Digital Front Door Activation

Perfect Your Webside Manner

Digital health can be a powerful way to attract, retain and care for your patients. With digital health, you can easily interact with patients between visits, and leverage your patient portal and other digital tools to keep your patients engaged and loyal.

Digital tools can be misconstrued as distancing the patient from the clinician, when in reality the opposite is true. By using the right triggers at the right time with the right patient, digital health can build stickiness and meet health system goals, including nudges, portal activation, reducing no-shows or viewing educational videos prior to procedures.

Although much of the patient’s experience is influenced by in-person interaction and bedside manner, multiple research studies point to digital tools as a convenient way for patients to receive information in the way that they prefer. As consumer expectations increase, and as virtual care continues to supplement in-person care, a health system’s “webside manner” can play an increasing role in overall perceptions of a positive experience.

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Xealth will dramatically improve the connection between patients and clinicians. Xealth extends the patient and physician relationship outside the walls of a traditional care setting by making it easy for clinicians to prescribe digital content, services, and apps for their patients.

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Rod Hochman, MD
President & CEO, Providence St. Joseph Health
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