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Connecting Digital Health to the EHR

Extend your capacity to connect and launch digital solutions

Launching a digital vendor requires substantial time and attention from IT and IS departments, with multiple connections turned on, workflows created and various security and process reviews for each and every vendor integrated.

With Xealth, one set of integrations supports multiple solutions, reducing the time required to integrate every single vendor. Xealth acts as an intermediary between the health system and the solution provider, powering the digital health formulary as well as controlling what information, including PHI, flows to and from the vendor through data management.

Xealth guides third party digital health companies to connect to Xealth through our proprietary API. Then the Xealth team leverages best practices from across the Xealth client network to create the desired clinical workflows and patient journey, and document the data requirements to support the workflows.

Xealth frees IT departments to focus on keeping hospitals running and driving strategic initiatives, while Xealth keeps track of the digital health ecosystem solution providers included in the digital formulary.

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Xealth helps us address one of the biggest barriers to innovation in healthcare: speed to market. Like most healthcare companies our size, the time gap from a good idea to production was months, sometimes years. With Xealth, we’re hoping to cut that down to weeks, and get out of our own way when it comes to piloting new things.

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Aasim Saeed, MD
Baylor Scott and White Health, MHA – Director of Clinical Innovation
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