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Take care of your patients. And your time.

Digitally engage all of your patients.

Find out how

Through the Xealth Digital Care SMART on FHIR app, Xealth brings digital health vendors, programs and tools into clinical and patient workflow. When combined with Xealth’s custom data and analytics, you can track, analyze and evaluate everything through your own digital health integration platform.

Orders Sent
Providers Engaged
Patients Reached

Learn how Providence prepares patients for surgery, Duke reduces no-shows and Atrium saves clinician time – all through Xealth.


See how doctors can order, deliver and monitor care from one unified platform without having to access multiple systems.

And how Xealth puts you in control, with a digital command center and the big-picture data you need to backup smart decisions.

Govern the ungovernable.
Then measure it.

Take charge of your digital health strategy

Building a care pathway shouldn’t require five IT/IS companions to get it done. Launching a new digital health solution shouldn’t take all year.

Xealth centralizes all your digital solutions for you through one set of integrations with the EHR, and provides you with consolidated reporting, organized however you like.

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xealth dashboard
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Less clicks.
One dashboard.
Happy clinicians.

Make life easier for your clinical teams

Stop making your clinicians log into lots of different systems to see information about their patients, especially those that are being monitored remotely.

With Xealth you can centralize all those third-party dashboards and reports into one place, in the EHR, in the clinical workflow.

No more brochures and leaflets. Go digital.

Increase patient engagement and loyalty

If you haven’t been delivering a positive digital experience to your patients, they are likely to go somewhere that does.

With Xealth, digitally engage your patients for a competitive edge – email links, brochures and information, and automatically enroll patients in programs – without a single click.

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Xealth Partner Community

The Xealth network has two sides, with health systems on one side and digital health providers on the other. The more health systems we have as clients, the more digital solutions they will deploy. And in turn, the more digital solutions we have already connected, the easier it is for a health system to choose one of these existing solutions as well as add their own to the mix. Over time, Xealth has connected dozens of digital solutions across our powerful client network, growing and strengthening the entire digital health ecosystem.

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