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Digital Health Success Stories

Leverage Digital Health to Drive Financial, Clinical, and Strategic Results

Xealth’s digital health platform helps organizations leverage digital health to drive financial, clinical and strategic results. We strengthen patient connections to the health system, relieve administrative pressures on clinical staff and address gaps in care – contributing to growth for the health system.

Through Xealth, health systems achieve financial results from increased revenue-generating activity while reducing costs through automation and efficiency gains.


Learn how Xealth’s clients leverage digital health across key areas:

patient engagement

Remote Patient Monitoring

Handling both enrollment for patients and dashboard presentation for care teams, as well as data management and EHR write-back, Xealth handles the end-to-end RPM process.

digital therapeutics

Value-Based Care

As health systems enter more bundled payment and outcomes-driven reimbursement models, see how digital is being leveraged to enhance outcomes and lower readmissions.

schedule a mammogram

Patient Communication & Care Gaps

Keeping connected to patients before, after and between visits to identify and highlight gaps in care is one of the simplest ways health systems can leverage digital health to maintain patient loyalty and drive outcomes.

remote monitoring

Digital Therapeutics & PDTs

From true PDTs requiring pharmacist fulfillment, to FDA approved digital programs, Xealth provides the enrollment, monitoring and tracking required to enable these complex workflows.


Virtual Care Enablement

Preparing a patient for a telemedicine appointment, or teaching a patient how to use an online program, can consume valuable clinician time. Xealth automates sending materials to patients who are newly scheduled with an upcoming appointment, optimizing the virtual care experience.

How Xealth helps

Easier for
IT & IS Teams

it teams


Reduction in IT/IS costs

Quicker time to deployment

Faster solution expansion

Lower project hours

Enhanced Experience
for Clinical Teams

clinical team

2-3 minutes

Clinical staff time saved

Improved physician satisfaction

Integrated physician workflow

Multi-modal ordering options

Integrated patient data into chart

Patient UX

better patient ux


Patient engagement rates

Increased patient sat

Higher solution ROI

Improved portal usage

Financial Outcomes

better financial outcomes


Increase in
revenue-generating activities

Reduced readmissions

Reduced no-show rates

Increase in procedure prep

Increase in payor funded apps

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