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Delivering Control of Digital Health

Xealth’s platform enables physicians and care teams to easily order and monitor digital assets and programs – everything including patient education articles and videos, remote patient monitoring and device data, shared decision-making assets and questionnaires, traditional smartphone apps patients need to download, and even patient engagement platform services requiring patient enrollment.

Digital health tools and patient engagement platform related data are aggregated within the EHR, easily accessible to care teams and IT/IS departments for deployment, engagement and oversight. Xealth centralizes vendor integration, distribution and enrollment, as well as patient monitoring, while consolidating reporting and analytics across patient populations and physician groups, driving activation and engagement in digital health.

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Xealth will dramatically improve the connection between patients and clinicians. Xealth extends the patient and physician relationship outside the walls of a traditional care setting by making it easy for clinicians to prescribe digital content, services, and apps for their patients.

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Rod Hochman, MD
President & CEO, Providence St. Joseph Health

Xealth brings control of digital health to health systems through these key areas:

Digital Health Formulary Strategy

  • Centralize and compare the performance of disparate digital programs within your EHR through a single integration
  • Increase the visibility of deployed solutions and manage data flow
  • Ease the burden on IT and IS teams by removing duplication of integration effort

Care Team Clinical Workflow

  • Combine multiple digital tools into a single user interface in the EHR
  • Leverage AI to recommend specific tools for specific patient populations
  • Automatically distribute assets and tools to certain patient populations based on relevant clinical data, including active clinical conditions
  • Centralize the presentation of RPM dashboards into one embedded screen

Digital Front Door Activation

  • Use digital health tools an assets to attract, retain and care for your patients
  • Leverage your patient portal and other digital tools to interact with patients between visits
  • Exceed consumer expectations and increase perceptions of a positive patient experience

Clinical AI Engine

  • Make digital health programs smarter and highly targeted
  • Only surface recommendations to care teams that are relevant to that patient
  • Send interventions to a patient based on their health system interaction and individual circumstances

Monitoring, Notification and Data Management

  • Centralize monitoring to one screen in the EHR
  • Choose what triggers a notification, and who in the care team receives the message
  • Filter the information coming from a third-party vendor, and write back selected data elements

Integration Management

  • Use one set of integrations to support multiple solutions and vendors, saving time and effort
  • Extend your capacity to connect and launch digital solutions
  • Easily control what information, including PHI, flows to and from each vendor.

How Xealth helps

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