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Digital Health Formulary Strategy

Centralize and compare the performance of multiple digital programs

Centralizing all your digital health assets and programs within your EHR through a single integration not only makes life easier for clinicians, but through Xealth’s Digital Command Center, leaders have the ability to compare various initiatives and measure performance without having to find and run mismatched reports.

Leveraging the extensive Xealth client network, digital health leaders can call on each other to share knowledge and experience, and offer ideas and suggestions about which solutions to include in their digital health formulary, building upon the expertise of many other organizations. Collaboration amongst clients can help health systems determine which options to recommend for which patient groups, and which workflow designs will yield the best results.

Creating a digital health formulary also eases the burden on IT and IS teams as the central integration via Xealth removes duplicative effort of multiple integrations. A digital formulary also provides increased visibility and control over what is deployed, and where, and what data is flowing back and forth between which solution providers.

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Digital health tools are a key ingredient in transforming how health care is delivered. Identifying who may benefit from these tools and seamlessly integrating these technologies into the care team’s workflow is at the heart of what Xealth offers. In partnership with Xealth we will significantly advance our efforts to help people attain and sustain optimal health.

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Mike Anderes
Froedtert Health, Chief Innovation & Digital Officer
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