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Streamlined Clinical Workflow

Take care of your patients as well as your time

Time-pressed clinicians don’t like having to use digital health tools that are scattered all over the EHR, or not even accessible from within it. Instead, Xealth makes the tools accessible within the patient chart, inside the clinician workflow, just like notes and medications. Xealth also narrows the available options to include only what is relevant for the patient so that clinicians can spend less time in front of the computer.

Care teams also welcome automated distribution of assets and tools to certain patient populations based on their clinical data and where they are on their care journey, and can even encourage the use of the digital front door. For simple routine tasks, this frees clinicians from having to do anything at all.

Clinicians also prefer easy access to monitoring data, from patient reported outcomes and shared decision making responses, to device generated data and third party dashboards, and even patient engagement with educational content. Xealth centralizes the presentation of multiple dashboards and monitoring data, so care teams can access a whole patient view from one screen. Xealth can also send notifications and write back chosen data elements to the EHR, enabling and supporting RPM programs.

And just as most patients have more than one medication, most patients will have more than one digital health tool. Centralizing digital health enables the entire care team to have a holistic view of the patient’s digital experience with the clinical workflow integration for the EHR.

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