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Monitoring, Notification & Data Management

Prioritize the Patients Who Actually Need Attention, Track and Keep the Data You Care About

Time is limited, and so is your team’s patience for dealing with noisy, unnecessary alerts, or for hunting around inside or outside the EHR for the monitoring information they need. With Xealth, you can choose what triggers a notification, and who in the care team receives the message, as well as centralize RPM information within the right patient record.

Xealth connects with a variety of monitoring programs, from patient-entered data and corresponding reports, to device information that flows into third party dashboards. This information is rendered within the patient record in the EHR, so that clinicians can access relevant information without having to toggle back and forth between systems and programs.

RPM programs can also flood your EHR with endless amounts of data that is not required. Not all data is equal, and Xealth can filter the information coming from a third party vendor, and write back specific data elements to specific places to meet workflow or regulatory requirements, or both.

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