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Clinical AI Engine

Make digital health programs smarter and highly targeted

Xealth leverages its clinical AI engine to determine which assets are appropriate for each patient, based on EHR data combined with HL7 feeds. Through our SMART on FHIR app, Digital Care, Xealth presents recommendations that are relevant to that patient, so that a care team member can choose to order them during a visit.

Outside a visit, Xealth’s AI, automation capabilities, and clinical workflow integration can leverage a variety of HL7 feeds as well as batch files to identify when patients are interacting with the health system, then source EHR data to find out more about a patient and determine if a specific asset or tool should be sent to that patient. This allows organizations to connect patients with digital tools without requiring an in-person interaction, driving higher engagements pre, post, and in between visits.

As part of digital formulary orchestration, the Xealth clinical intelligence engine feeds analytics to the Xealth Digital Command Center, that can be used to report on which assets are driving engagement with which patient population. Over time, Xealth will apply AI models to the large repository of data it holds to establish the industry benchmark for digital health effectiveness.

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