Survey Underscores Digital Health Divide Between Patient Expectations and Current State

The last few years have seen a movement towards offering patients a more consumer-friendly experience, with significant investments made in digital health. This new experience can assist with patient engagement, treatment compliance and patient retention.

Looking to understand the digital health expectations of a particular patient population, Xealth and Sid Lee conducted a recent survey among nearly 1,000 U.S. women who are new or expectant mothers. According to the survey, a majority (53%) who are familiar with digital health see online information as a key factor in choosing one hospital over another.

Digital tools rated most important to patients:

  • online access to medical records (61%)
  • online payment tools (57%)
  • online scheduling (52%)
  • electronic refill of prescriptions (51%)

Digital tools most offered by hospitals:

  • online payment tools (45%)
  • online access to medical records (39%)
  • online education and information (31%)
  • online scheduling (29%)

The widest gaps exist related to:

  • electronic refill of prescriptions (51% find this important vs. 23% actually can)
  • online scheduling (52% vs. 29%)
  • price transparency (30% vs. 8%)

Comments about what hospitals can do to improve the digital health experience involved:

  • providing greater convenience
  • creating patient communities
  • improving education and increasing transparency