One thing I can tell you as a clinical psychologist, is that getting people access to therapy can be difficult in the best of times. And when I say ‘access to therapy,’ I’m talking about the whole process: getting people to a therapist, paying for the sessions, finding a therapist you like, and getting people to continue showing up. All of which is, again, tough in the best of times.Now, with a pandemic, all these steps have become even harder for people who need access to behavioral health treatment. If you’ve never been – and you should – therapy is mostly done face-to-face in very small rooms – which means behavioral health providers also need access to PPE to keep them and their patients safe. And while the idea of a therapist’s couch may be a cliché, it’s also really hard to disinfect furniture after every patient visit! In the current environment, access to traditional mental health providers has become even more limited – on top of the existing waiting lists.