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Digital Health Improving Depression & Anxiety Markers

Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin health network incorporates Xealth to help primary care engage patients around behavioral health


Federal data show that more than 16 million adults in the U.S. suffer from depression and one in three are afflicted by an anxiety disorder. Mental health impacts total health, prompting Froedtert & the MCW health network to increase related care through a digital approach that both behavioral health and primary care providers could easily prescribe from current workflows.


Froedtert & the MCW health network turned to Xealth to expand behavioral care through SilverCloud, an app-based program, helping clinicians easily prescribe and monitor digital health tools from within the EHR.

Integration with the health system’s EHR identifies new potential patients for the program using predetermined criteria, with no added steps for PCPs. Care teams enjoy new access to insights into patient initiation and follow-through. The automation also facilitates patient enrollment in SilverCloud.

Use of Xealth has assisted with the uptake of SilverCloud and provided the new ability to track response rates and engagement. Froedtert & the MCW health network data show – 94% of those who signed up were verified and followed through, and more than 90% of those using the SilverCloud application report that it’s been helpful for them.

This combined solution has shown improved depression and anxiety markers for patients. SilverCloud has been recommended by to more than 3,500 patients, so far:

  • 7% of patients recommended SilverCloud through Xealth with moderate symptoms registered
  • 4% of patients with severe depression showed improvement; 55.4% experienced significant improvement (3+ reduction)
  • 70% of patients with severe anxiety showed improvement; 57% experienced significant improvement

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