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Remotely Monitoring Expectant Mothers

Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin health network uses Xealth to streamline enrollment for remote monitoring platform


To remotely monitor expectant mothers and provide trusted education, the Froedtert & the MCW health network began prescribing Babyscripts – a virtual care resource for managing obstetrics – through Xealth to expecting mothers.


The integration with Xealth enables patients to easily access information and to record their weight and other vital signs for review in the EHR by clinicians. Clinicians easily prescribe Babyscripts and monitor patient data, all within their normal EHR workflows.

Xealth also streamlines patient enrollment, freeing front office staff and making it easier for patients to access and engage with Babyscripts.

Results include higher patient engagement and care teams gaining more visibility into their patient’s progress without them leaving home. A snapshot into their usage shows:

  • Remote monitoring patients visit the app 7 times per month, on average
  • More than 1,400 blood pressure readings logged into the app over a six-month period

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