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Xealth’s digital health platform helps organizations to proactively educate, monitor, and connect patients to digital care tools. The digital health and digital therapeutic environment is vast and ever changing – customers, however, have utilized Xealth to help deliver these tools in a number of service lines and care areas. Xealth has helped customers drive patient activation, engagement, and persistence with these tools. 

Patient Education

Integrate and automate patient education within your health system, including organizing your health system-created content with information from third party vendors. Xealth allows users to manually order or automate delivering content at important times through the patient’s care journey, including:

  • Prior to imaging study or event
  • Pre / post-surgical event
  • Based upon appointment schedule, reschedule, or cancellation
  • Based upon patient clinical details

Remote Patient Care

Automatically enroll patients into a remote monitoring pathway to be monitored in real-time by a virtual care team. Xealth enables the automatic enrollment into these tools and embedding of patient dashboards inside the clinical care workflow. We also help present all patient data directly back from the patient’s chart for quick and easy consumption by clinicians.

Vendor examples:

  • Twistle, GetWell Loop, Validic, Glooko


While you may already be using telehealth, how are you getting the necessary information to patients to prepare? Xealth can help automate the delivery of information to patients who are newly scheduled with an upcoming appointment that has been converted to a televisit. This includes helping patients receive setup instructions for your organization’s telehealth tool, updated policies for telemedicine, and additional resources they can access for care at home.

Mental Health

Physical health is not the only patient need. It’s important to connect patients and staff members with necessary apps, tools, and resources to manage their anxiety, depression, and other mental and behavioral health issues. Xealth can help enable your organization to treat and connect with patients virtually, removing barriers to adoption for patients.

Vendor examples:

  • Silvercloud, MyStrength


Maintaining a focus on women’s health and supporting new mothers is important, and can be resource intensive. With Xealth, you can easily deploy multiple digital solutions that allow your care teams to provide education and remote monitoring tools to keep them healthy, and make it simpler for clinical teams to get these highly engaged patients the answers they are seeking.

Vendor examples:

  • Babyscripts, Circle, Healthwise, Emmi

Diabetes & Hypertension

Patients with chronic conditions can be safely monitored from home – if you have the right systems. Xealth can help you by integrating patient management solutions into your EHR, where care teams can easily access them and recommend them to patients, generating significantly higher impacts on outcomes for these difficult populations.

Vendor examples:

  • Glooko, Welldoc, Livongo, Healthwise, Emmi


As patients manage their path through their oncology stages, from diagnosis to survivorship planning, ensuring they are staying connected with your care team and receiving the appropriate education is important. Keep patients informed and engaged through virtual visits, connecting through digital apps and online education – enabling patients to receive routine care at home when they do not have to come into a physical location.


Ensuring patients are prepared for their upcoming procedure, are knowledgeable about the procedure and recovery, and have enabled the necessary preparation as well as post-recovery activities at home is important to successful surgeries and procedures. Xealth enables health systems to coordinate multiple tools – care pathways, patient education, class and training signup, physical therapy, and patient coordination – and can automate these tools to eliminate manual effort by care teams.

Vendor examples:

  •  Twistle, GetWell Loop, Medumo

Asthma / COPD

Patients who struggle with asthma and COPD not only benefit from the physical inhaler treatment, but also education and usage tracking. Tools and apps enable providers, as well as patients, to understand their inhaler use, insights into their asthma or COPD, and connection into resources for further education – all without having to leave their home.

Vendor examples:

  • Propeller, Validic, Twistle, Healthwise

Physical Therapy

In order to have successful outcomes, patients need to continue their physical rehabilitation – which is often a mix of on-site and at home care. Xealth has worked with digital health companies to help hospitals provide remote options for patients to continue their progress – while still keeping clinical staff informed.

Vendor examples:

  •  Medbridge, Physitrack

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