Xealth Platform

A Platform for Digital Health

Xealth’s platform aggregates and organizes digital health tools and related data within the EHR for easy deployment and oversight. Xealth centralizes vendor integration, distribution and enrollment, as well as patient monitoring while consolidating reporting and analytics across patient populations and physician groups, driving activation and engagement in digital health.

The Xealth platform has three interdependent modules:

  • Xealth Clinical Interface: Digital health is ordered, delivered and monitored from within the EHR.
  • Xealth Digital Command Center: Houses customized reporting and analytics of patient and provider engagement and activation
  • Xealth Integration Layer: The technology that supports the organization and deployment of multiple solutions through a single integration and clinical decision support engine, powering a health system’s digital vendor ecosystem.

Xealth Clinical Interface

Provider / Patient Communications

The Xealth Clinical Interface enables physician and care teams to Order, Deliver, and Monitor digital health tools from the EHR, with clinical decision support matching patients to relevant solutions.



Via existing workflows

Xealth’s clinical decision support rules engine can automatically distribute tools, assets and program enrollment information to specified patient groups, or present relevant solutions within the patient record in the EHR for manual ordering. Xealth can also fire an alert during a patient visit to make it easy to order relevant digital health options, saving time.



via email and patient portal

Once digital tools are ordered, Xealth can manage all elements of delivery and enrollment, either by sending them directly via email or SMS or integrating them to the patient portal. As patients use these programs, Xealth can track that engagement and send reminders and nudges if needed.



via the EHR

Xealth then brings monitoring information back into the health system, so that care teams can follow the patient’s progress or drive interventions accordingly, and even embed third-party dashboards inside the EHR, making it easy for clinicians to see what’s happening with their patient without having to leave the patient record.


Xealth Digital Command Center

Analysis & Reporting

All activity about what is being ordered, how often and by whom, as well as patient engagement and activation rates, is collected and displayed through a dashboard and custom reporting. Aggregate patient information can be captured, matching demographics to solutions.

Enterprise level analytics are essential for determining which partners are working well and which providers are making use of the engagement possibilities.

Care teams and physician leadership can see the effects of more engaged patients, while measuring outcomes and effectiveness of different prescribed content, apps, services, and connected medical devices across the entire system.

Featured reports include:

  • Provider Adoption and Usage Rates
  • Use Case Order Levels

Xealth Integration Layer

Digital Vendor Ecosystem

Xealth’s centralized management platform supports deployment through a single integration to the provider’s EHR, and then digital health vendors integrate via Xealth. Health systems can avoid having to integrate every vendor every time, saving valuable IT time and resources.

Xealth integrates into the health system’s EHR and patient portal through a variety of methods including HL7, FHIR, Web Services, and EHR specific methods. Having multiple points of connection gives flexibility to integrate a wide variety of digital health tools – from patient education to remote monitoring, even a health system’s own content and programs.

Xealth’s digital health platform enables health systems to do a wide variety of useful things – from simple tasks such as distributing patient engagement materials and tracking who opens the email or watches the video, to automatically offering patients the option to enroll in recommended programs, and even mailing products to patients.


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