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Help me with digital health adoption

Recent survey of CHIME members found that most (90.5%) executive respondents have adopted digital health…despite nearly half citing financial pressures as barriers to adoption
47.6% Financial pressures
19.1% Staff resource constraints
14.3% Digital health at odds with fee for service model
4.8% Lack of evidence of clinical outcomes
0% C-level support
0% Patient engagement
14.3% Other
*No one named C-level support or patient engagement as a barrier*

What is Digital Health?
81% Downloadable apps and programs with a connected device
71.4% Patient education, pdfs and videos (not clinical references)
66.7% Remote patient monitoring (RPM) device data integration
66.7% Downloadable apps and programs (no connected devices)
52.4% Home health and related services
23.8% Non-clinical services (meal delivery, transportation)
Workflow Rules
Majority (81%) have integrated digital health apps into EHR workflow
1 in 5 (19.1%) have achieved advanced EHR integration of digital health apps with defined goals and metrics

Impact of Digital Health Adoption
More than 3 in 4 (76.2%) respondents state their health systems have increased patient engagement due to increased digital health adoption
Nearly half (47.6%) cited clinician ease of use
14.3% Better bottom line
14.3% Reduced readmissions

Money and Patients Talk
What would make your health system more likely to expand digital health solutions? Select all that apply
81% More payor or employer funded programs
71.4% Patient demand
66. 7% Improved interoperability & ease of integration
42.9% Clear CPT codes for digital interventions
33.3% More clinical evidence

Survey conducted online within the United States by College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME) on behalf of Xealth from May 15-June 20, 2023, among member healthcare executives.


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