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Laurance Stuntz, SVP, Customer Success

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, women are responsible for approximately 80% of a family’s healthcare decisions.

For health systems, this means that engaging women throughout the patient journey is not only critical for improved health outcomes but is also key to patient retention for the entire family.

Knowing how important women are to health systems, it’s no surprise that the most widely deployed use cases for the Xealth platform are in support of maternity and other women’s health initiatives. We currently have 15 initiatives live across 12 systems, with more than 2 million pieces of digital content sent to engage more than 250,000 unique patients. 

As part of our virtual user group in late September, two clients joined us to share how they’re using our health data aggregation platform to measure and increase patient engagement, standardize educational content, improve clinician efficiency, and more.

Here are some highlights from the discussions.

Use Case: Automating Maternity Care with Babyscripts

A large hospital network in the Southeast worked with Xealth to automate Babyscripts app enrollment.

Goals of this initiative:

  • Provide a high value service for a key patient stakeholder group
  • Offer RPM for low-risk pregnancies = peace of mind for expecting moms
  • Reduce the number of low-intensity visits, easing the overall healthcare staff crunch
  • Reduce clinician burden for ordering
  • Drive volume
  • Provide consistent care


  • Automated order using HL7 schedule data
  • Consistent workflows deployed at scale


  • Different EHRs do not collect the same data
  • Managing pregnancy loss patient communication after pregnancy loss

Results and key findings:

  • 90%+ use rate with little drop-off
  • Increase in enrollment driven by automated Xealth integration
  • Needed to widen the lens of the patient journey and think about the potential downsides of automation
  • Human touch is still a must

Use Case: Improving Patient Experience in Women’s Health

A large health system in the Northeast worked with Xealth to engage patients with timely content. 

Goals of this initiative: 

  • Strengthen the bond between patients and providers
  • Develop more informed patients
  • Standardize patient experience across disperse locations
  • Reduce clinician burden 

Before digital care:

  • Handed expecting moms a folder with 194 pages of printed material in the first trimester
  • Little to no standardization

After digital care:

  • Bundled relevant content for each trimester (and added a fourth)
  • Delivered content via a pregnancy-specific app
  • Scaled process from maternity to hysterectomy and gynecological oncology
  • Created workflows for ordering within the EHR using Xealth

Results and key findings:

  • 79% of maternity patients for whom content is ordered engage with that content
  • 15,000 unique patients in women’s health prescribed content using Xealth
  • 620,000 digital health prescriptions ordered for women’s health patients

Digital pathways for increased patient engagement

As a platform technology embedded into clinicians’ EHR workflow Xealth has a wide variety of capabilities that support large health systems’ efforts to develop digital pathways that transform the patient experience, improve communication with patients, and increase patient “stickiness” with a health system, all while reducing the administrative burden on clinicians. 

Learn more about how our clients are using remote patient monitoring and other tools to improve women’s health and engage new and expecting moms.

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