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Note to readers: This is the third post in a six-part series exploring the economics of digital health.

Patient participation in health and wellness initiatives is crucial for achieving optimal healthcare outcomes. Research shows that patients who are actively involved in their healthcare experience better results, including:

  • Quicker recovery rates
  • Reduced medical errors
  • Enhanced patient satisfaction
  • Lower costs

Let’s explore how Xealth’s innovative tools and features can significantly boost patient engagement and participation in health and wellness initiatives, leading to improved health outcomes and more efficient healthcare delivery.

Understanding Xealth’s Digital Health Platform

Xealth offers a comprehensive suite of digital health tools integrated with Electronic Health Records (EHR) to provide seamless access to patient data. Its core functionalities include: 

  • Digital Care SMART on FHIR app: Enables physicians to order, deliver, and monitor digital health tools directly within the EHR, using clinical decision support to match patients with relevant solutions and streamline their care
  • Digital Command Center: Centralizes reporting to monitor and evaluate the usage and performance of digital health tools, providing insights into provider utilization, patient engagement trends, and enterprise-level analytics to inform digital health decisions and strategies
  • Centralized Integration Suite: Facilitates the deployment of digital health tools by integrating them into the provider’s EHR through a single connection, thereby saving IT resources and ensuring seamless access to various digital health programs, patient engagement materials, and remote monitoring solutions

These features work together to streamline healthcare processes, enabling personalized patient care and fostering continuous engagement.

Personalized Care Through Digital Tools

Xealth empowers healthcare providers to deliver personalized care through tailored health interventions. The platform enables various tools and programs, such as remote patient monitoring and digital therapeutics

By leveraging telemedicine, smart wearables, and digital health apps, Xealth enhances patient engagement and adherence to treatment plans. These technologies facilitate continuous monitoring and personalized feedback, promoting proactive health management and early intervention. 

Consequently, this approach improves patient outcomes and reduces healthcare costs by preventing complications and hospital readmissions.

Continuous Patient Engagement

Continuous patient engagement is essential for maintaining health and preventing disease progression. 

Xealth employs several methods to keep patients engaged, including automated reminders and educational content. For instance, UPMC used Xealth’s platform to increase mammography screening rates by sending timely reminders and educational materials to patients. 

Such continuous engagement initiatives significantly boost patient participation and improve health management.

Improving Patient Participation and Benefits to Healthcare Providers

Success stories from numerous healthcare providers evidence Xealth’s strategies for boosting patient participation. 

Duke Health, for example, saw a reduction in appointment cancellations and no-shows by using Xealth’s automated engagement tools. 

  • The bariatric new patient program now sees a 36% patient interaction rate
  • The post-surgery program has a 43% patient interaction rate
  • The cardiothoracic post-surgery program achieved a 46% patient interaction rate.
  • Overall, for patients who haven’t engaged with a video the no-show rate is 11.5%, but for patients who have watched a video, the no-show rate is significantly lower at 0.71%

Similarly, Nebraska Medicine leveraged Xealth’s platform to enhance patient education and engagement through Emmi, resulting in faster content delivery and staff time savings. 

For healthcare providers, Xealth streamlines clinical workflows and reduces clinician workload through automation. Its enhanced data management and reporting capabilities support better clinical decisions. 

Xealth integrates multiple digital health solutions into one cohesive platform, simplifying the adoption of digital health initiatives and maximizing their impact on patient care.

Future Potential of Digital Health Initiatives

Looking ahead, the potential of digital health initiatives to revolutionize patient care is immense. 

Future trends include advancements in AI, wearables, telehealth, and digital therapeutics (DTx). Xealth plans to evolve alongside these trends, continually supporting health and wellness initiatives. 

By bridging the gap between payor-sponsored wellness programs—such as nutrition, smoking cessation, and meditation—and healthcare systems, Xealth aims to improve patient outcomes and reduce the lifetime cost of care. The platform’s ongoing innovation will likely lead to further improvements in patient-centered care.

Xealth Helps Make Health and Wellness Stick 

Xealth has a significant impact on enhancing patient participation in health and wellness. 

By leveraging digital tools, healthcare providers can offer more personalized care, maintain continuous patient engagement, and improve overall health outcomes. Embracing digital health innovations like Xealth is crucial for better patient care and more efficient healthcare delivery. 

Request a demo today to explore Xealth’s capabilities and how its tools can transform your health system.

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