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With the first quarter of 2024 having wrapped up, we’re excited to highlight some of the unique and impactful use cases our customers have deployed on the Xealth platform. Even more exciting is the speed to which these customers rolled out the use cases and the vendors integrated their tools. Not only are customers able to do more via Xealth, they’re able to do it quicker!

Featured Client Stories and Outcomes


1. Children’s Wisconsin rolls out automated Diabetes Education session care pathways in three weeks

  • Business Goal: Automate the ordering and distribution of Type 1 Diabetes Session educational materials, reducing staff work and improving patient engagement
  • Project: Children’s Wisconsin implemented an automated workflow to distribute packets of education materials when a patient is scheduled for one of three Type 1 Diabetes Session appointments. Prior to this workflow, staff had to manually access and copy/paste a URL into a visit summary or download, print, and distribute the handouts to patients. Patients are engaged in English or Spanish based upon their preferred language, driving higher engagement rates. A total of three different sessions, each requiring different content materials, over both languages were created, tested, and rolled out within three weeks.
  • Results: All six session material care pathways were implemented in three weeks total (15 business days) from start to finish with over 800 assets automatically ordered for patient

2. Xealth Integrates Stel into Research Workflow in less than six weeks

  • Business Goal: Quickly integrate a partner without using internal Epic IT resources
  • Project: To support their PCORI grant, a health system needed to make data available to researchers working in Epic, but didn’t have the resources to support a direct integration of the research tool to Epic, or have the results filed back into Epic. Stel was selected as the tool to deploy “hubs” that collect data from Bluetooth-enabled blood pressure cuffs and present the data in a Monitor View dashboard for researchers. Stel also developed the ability to write discrete data back to the health system through Xealth’s data write back API.
  • Results: Xealth and Stel were able to integrate Stel into the clinician workflow at the health system in less than six weeks of active development and testing time, without needing any IT resources at the health system.

3. Automate blood glucose data integration into the EHR

  • Business Goal: Allow care teams visibility into how their patients are managing their blood glucose levels 
  • Project: Patients with Type 1, Type 2, and/or Gestational Diabetes commonly need to utilize blood glucose monitors to help them manage their blood glucose levels and adjust accordingly. These devices generate reams of data that is useful for clinicians to help inform their treatment of this chronic disease. Collecting the data often involves highly manual processes in the clinic, taking an average of 7 minutes per patient of nurse time. Prior to Xealth, clinicians would have to leave their EHR to manually type in patient information for enrollment, or would have to provide a marketing flyer with information about how the patients could sign themselves up. Both workflows resulted in missed patients, lower than expected engagement rates, and put an extra burden on clinical staff.
    To reduce the burden for providers and integrate the patient data into the EHR, an east-coast health system partnered with Tidepool and Xealth to enable the enrollment process inside of the EHR with one click and to close the data loop. Patients use Tidepool to upload their captured blood glucose levels prior to an upcoming appointment, allowing care teams to see this data inside of the patient’s chart without having to change their workflow.
  • Results:  In just 30 days post go-live, enrolled more than 1,100 patients and hundreds of clinician views of the embedded patient dashboard.

4. “Supportive Care Medicine and Nursing Partner to Provide Vital Digital Education Content” – City of Hope distributes real-time chemo education to patients

  • Business Goal: Integrate COH’s education library and improve the patient experience through digital care.
  • Project: City of Hope looked to Xealth to integrate its library of educational content to support its oncology patients throughout the treatment process.  Starting with chemo patients and the entire journey – from nurse education visit through the first infusion – COH distributes education information to patients who access the content through its patient portal, MyCOH, in real time. City of Hope and Xealth have added over 150 pieces of chemotherapy journey and medication education material (videos and PDFs) to help prepare patients while also reducing administrative time for the nurse educators.
  • Results: Over 100 patients prescribed education content in the first 30 days, reducing manual nurse work, so clinical care teams can practice at top-of-license.

Partner Integrations

For the third consecutive quarter, we have extended the implementation of Xealth’s Emmi integration to yet another Health System, specifically for automated distribution of oncology content. As a reminder, all five of the leading content vendors in the market are available for deployment through Xealth. If a health system uses multiple content vendors, we can combine search results in Digital Care across vendors and we can build bundles of content from multiple vendors.  Leveraging our new configuration tools, we can activate any of the content vendors within a matter of weeks, facilitating seamless catalog integration and automated delivery processes to optimize clinician efficiency.

New Partners 

Stel adds a distinct remote patient monitoring model for our customers, providing patients with an in-home hub that can easily transmit connected device data back to the provider via Xealth. Their user-friendly hub makes the process easy for patients of all technology literacy levels. Using our Development Sandbox, the Stel team connected to our API in just 3 weeks and went from initial development to live in production in six weeks.

Tidepool, a non-profit organization dedicated to making diabetes data accessible and actionable has also joined the Xealth ecosystem. We’re excited to be part of furthering that mission by seamlessly sharing the data with clinicians in the EHR and reminding patients to upload their data before coming in for their appointment. Data readily available in the EHR not only supports endocrinologists, but also primary care and women’s health physicians. 

Partner Expansions

We’re excited to support our partner Welldoc with the release of their new platform designed to facilitate care for patients with one or multiple cardiometabolic diseases. While they began by supporting diabetes care, they now can support care for patients with hypertension, heart disease, and weight management.

WIth their integration to Xealth already established and live at one or more of our health system customers, ClearArch, GetWell, Krames, and Twistle all expanded their scope by launching new workflows or expanding to new locations. This quarter included use cases for gastroenterology, epilepsy care, spine surgery, colonoscopy, pre-procedure prostate biopsies and multilingual education for kidney disease patients. 

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