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Welldoc Data Shows Patient Engagement Increases 2.5 Times When Clinician and Xealth Involved

By September 17, 2019January 5th, 2022No Comments

Health System Results Reinforce Importance of Provider-Patient Relationship with Digital Health Programs

Welldoc, a leader in digital health, today announced activation results for Welldoc’s award-winning BlueStar digital health product for managing diabetes can be four times higher when sent direct to the patient from their care team. This distribution was made possible through Xealth, the platform for connecting digital health, which integrated the BlueStar solution into the EHR workflow, simplifying the process of connecting patients with their health care team.

Results from multiple, nationally recognized health systems also show that patient engagement rates, a measure of how often patients engage with the program, double when BlueStar is recommended by a medical provider. Incorporating Xealth’s digital health platform with clinician recommendation also showed an increase by 2.5x in patient engagement rates as compared to a direct to consumer approach.

The Xealth integration facilitates one-click on-boarding and provides access to real-time data via a Smart Visit Report within the EHR system, delivering a patient’s data-driven insights to their provider to make the right interventions at the right time. When providers are connected to their patients, as demonstrated in a Welldoc randomized controlled trial, providers are 2-4x more likely to change an individual’s treatment plan to positively impact health in a more timely manner.

“Diabetes management is a collaborative effort, involving patients and their care team, with technology supporting treatment plans. Properly managing type 2 diabetes requires secure, reliable and consistent information exchange between the patient and their care team. Combining our cutting edge BlueStar with Xealth’s platform streamlines the integration of the patient’s data-driven insights across a number of dimensions and enhances the communication between providers and patients, leading to a better experience and improved health.”

Kevin McRaith Kevin McRaith, president and CEO for Welldoc, Inc.

The increased use of digital health tools by health care organizations requires a way to simply and securely manage these programs from within the provider workflow. Connecting digital therapeutics through a digital health platform into the EHR allows easier program on-boarding, higher activation rates, increased patient engagement, provider access to real-time patient-generated health data, and simplified communication between provider and patients using the integrated two-way chat function within the EHR.

“Patients trust their doctors – period. In fostering this bond, Xealth and Welldoc are helping drive meaningful discussions that can result in better diabetes management. The positive results shown by combining clinicians, digital health tools and the Xealth platform proves this approach works.”

Mike McSherry Mike McSherry, CEO and co-founder of Xealth

In addition to delivering content, apps, devices and services to patients’ desktop and mobile devices, Xealth delivers analytics to inform program success and allow for alterations, as necessary. The company powers more than 30 digital health solutions, connecting patients with educational content, transportation, meal delivery, e-commerce product recommendations and other services needed to improve health outcomes. Originally incubated and launched at Providence St. Joseph Health in 2017, Xealth works with UPMC, Atrium Health, Cleveland Clinic, Duke Health and other leading health systems.

About Welldoc

Welldoc® is a leading digital therapeutic company revolutionizing chronic disease management to help transform lives. The Company’s groundbreaking technology helps guide individuals through the complicated journey of living with chronic diseases, with a goal of helping them self-manage their conditions, while connecting them to their own healthcare team. By utilizing Welldoc’s digital therapeutic solutions, payers, employers and healthcare systems can streamline their resources by focusing on a digital health solution to help better manage their populations living with multiple and costly chronic diseases. Welldoc is based on a life science business model—having conducted multiple randomized clinical trials resulting in more than 40 peer-reviewed publications. BlueStar has been recognized by IQVIA in 2017 as the “Top App” for type 2 diabetes treatment, awarded Diabetes Technology Society’s 2019 Digital Diabetes Congress Mobile App Contest in the “Established App” category, and MedTech Breakthrough’s 2019 “Best Personal Health App” award. Welldoc has a solid foundation in the development of solutions for the management of diabetes and is rapidly creating other chronic disease solutions. This year, Welldoc secured a patent for the Software Engine Technology that powers BlueStar. Notably, this is the Company’s tenth issued patent. For more information, visit

About Xealth

Xealth is a platform for digital health that enables health systems to easily organize, integrate, deploy and activate digital health tools to drive engagement and utilization. Through the secure Xealth platform, clinicians can find and order the right digital health tools and programs for patients direct from the EHR workflow, send these digital health orders to the patient’s email or patient portal, and then monitor activity. Xealth spun out of Providence St. Joseph Health (PSJH) in 2017, and investors include Atrium Health, Cleveland Clinic, MemorialCare Innovation Fund, McKesson Ventures, Novartis, Philips, and ResMed as well as Providence Ventures, UPMC and the Froedtert and Medical College of Wisconsin Health Network.

For more information, visit or follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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