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Sam Hernandez, Release Manager

Xealth is committed to helping its health system clients leverage digital health tools to be market leaders in this increasingly competitive healthcare landscape.

Our entire team is dedicated to continuous product updates and growing our partner network.

Here are the customer release notes and product updates from Q2 2022.

Partner Community Update 

Our ability to easily onboard the third party vendors and apps our health system clients work with is just one of the many benefits of Xealth’s health data aggregation platform.

In Q2, we added two new partners to the Xealth community:

  1. Lyr, a leading provider of workforce mental health benefits
  2. Vida, virtual healthcare solutions for chronic physical and mental health conditions

How health systems use Lyra and Vida

Both Lyra and Vida are offered by a health system via a partnership with an ACO employer contract. When a patient who is part of the ACO arrives for an appointment, they are automatically sent information about the benefits available to them through Lyra and Vida. Additionally, we continually work with existing partners to expand programs for our health system clients as well as add new programs available for manual and automated orders.

In Q2, we expanded programs with the following partners:

  1. Babyscripts: Comprehensive virtual maternity care solution that provides daily education, reminders, and checklists to support moms through prenatal and postpartum phases
  2. Healthwise: Evidence-based health education to boost patient engagement and outcomes
  3. Pattern Health: Digital health platform offering virtual care programs, surveys, and clinical decision support tools
  4. SilverCloud Health: Digital mental health and wellbeing platform that delivers clinically validated digital health/therapeutic care to improve outcomes, increase access and scale while reducing costs
  5. Twistle: Patient engagement software platform that offers personalized, step-by-step communication and guidance to patients
  6. Welldoc: Chronic care platform that optimizes interventions, clinical decisions, and population health across multiple chronic conditions

If you have questions about our connected partners and their programs, please contact your Account Director or Paige Stocks, Director of Partnerships at

Featured Client Stories and Outcomes

One of the many benefits of working with Xealth is the ability to demonstrate ROI tied to your organization’s business goals.

Digitizing Advanced Care Planning Education and Class Enrollment

  • Organization: Large integrated health system based in Minnesota
  • Business goal: Increase enrollment in Advanced Care Planning (ACP) Virtual Class and increase operational efficiencies
  • Project: Digitally invite patients to enroll in Virtual ACP Class so clinicians don’t have to print information, stuff envelopes and mail letters – removing a tedious to-do item from their list
  • Results: 10X improvement in time and cost savings

Driving Patient Participation in Remote Care Program

  • Organization: Large integrated health system based in California
  • Business goal: Cost reduction for maternity care
  • Project: Maternity care standardization with increased adoption of digital health app
  • Results: 500% increase in enrollment since April 30 go-live

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