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Sam Hernandez, Release Manager

Health systems are leveraging digital health to streamline processes, assist with regulatory requirements, and enhance clinical decision support. Our clients continue to amaze us with the work done to meet clinical and operational goals with the help of digital. In this month’s blog, we highlight a couple new features, showcase two use cases from clients, and share an update on our partner community.

Feature Spotlight  

We’re excited to share two new features that our clients have recently implemented: 

1. Data Write-Back

As digital health programs expand, bringing the clinical digital health data they offer into the EHR is critical to making that information accessible to clinicians. This enhances the patient experience, saves time during patient visits, improves reporting and strengthens clinical decision support. 

Xealth automates data write-back to the EHR for added flexibility, saving time and money, and helping meet HEDIS and other quality measures. Clinical data, such as blood pressure or PHQ9 metrics, can assist health systems with reimbursement and in designing automated escalations that put the patient first – and potentially save lives. 

2. Appointment Analytics 

Measuring the performance of any digital health program is key. Xealth’s Digital Command Center examines data surrounding each initiative, including around appointments. Using the existing HL7 feed that drives automated orders, Xealth captures messages associated with program-enrolled patients, determines if the patient closed an existing care gap, incorporates this information into the dashboards, and analyzes and presents other appointment activities, as specified by the health system.    

Early results on both Data Write-Back and Appointment Analytics are promising, and in an upcoming blog we’ll share more details on  how our clients leverage these features to improve the patient and clinician experience.

Client Stories and Outcomes 

1. Automation Supports WHO Baby Friendly Designation 

  • Organization: North Carolina-based health system  
  • Business Goal: Maintain WHO Baby Friendly designation for educating moms about breastfeeding. 
  • Project: Recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) for implementing Baby Friendly materials that educate moms about the benefits of breastfeeding, this health system is “evaluated” on how well they educate patients on breastfeeding options. Part of the WHO evaluation involves WHO surveys that ask these moms about how well they were prepared for their breastfeeding journey. To optimize program results, this health system is using Xealth’s Digital Care to deliver information related to breastfeeding at different stages of pregnancy – at 18, 28 and 36 weeks.
  • Results: Since the launch of this use case in late February, about 1,600 patients have been entered into the Baby Friendly journey. These communications have received a 71.9% open rate and 28% click-through rate, which resulted in significantly improved recall scores of upper 80s to mid 90s in their WHO evaluations.

2. Reporting and Clinical Decision Support Enhanced with Data Write-back 

  • Organization: California-based health system  
  • Business Goal: Streamline reporting and inform clinical decision support tools by bringing patient reported data into the EHR. 
  • Project: Using the Xealth platform, patient reported data from Harmonize populates the EHR. Data points include pulse oximeter readings, blood pressure, pulse, and pain levels for orthopedic and oncology clinical areas. Bringing these values into the EHR streamlines reporting requirements and informs clinical decision support tools. 
  • Results: The health system has seen a 89.1% enrollment rate which has resulted in a 89.3% activation rate, where the patient has at least 1 submission of vitals.

Partner Community Update

The health systems we work with have been busy adding new vendors to the Xealth partner ecosystem.  

Our clients are seamlessly monitoring patients at home:

  • Clear Arch is now integrated and allowing health system clients to seamlessly monitor patients at home with their connected devices. 
  • Hypertensive patients are being monitored with Harmonize, which includes connected blood pressure cuffs. Blood pressure readings are being shared back with the providers in the EHR. 

And, we are collaborating with research partners and iMHere to help patients suffering from acute spinal injuries and other chronic spinal cord disorders. 

Memora Health is helping health system clients check in with orthopedic patients in their post-op recovery journey and helping oncology patients manage their medications.

We’re also helping patients remember to upload their CGM data to Tidepool so that their providers have the most up to date information when they arrive for their visit. 

Xealth’s streamlined implementation and easy-to-use API has also allowed our clients to expand their work with existing, integrated vendors. We’ve added new programs to the formulary and started writing patient device data back into the EHR. Thanks to our vendor partners for their continued collaboration!

If you have questions about our connected partners and their programs, please contact your Account Director or Paige Stocks, Director of Partnerships at

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