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Xealth to provide clinical integration capability; Praia to extend patient and consumer access to Xealth ordered digital content and programs

A survey Xealth sponsored a few years ago found that online payment tools were the digital capability most offered by hospitals (45%). In a subsequent survey, nearly 40% of a key patient group – expecting moms – said they would choose one doctor over another based on digital health experience.  Clearly there is an opportunity here to improve how health systems approach digital health, beyond bill pay.  

Praia’s bold ambition to improve the overall digital experience for all health consumers, regardless of whether or not they are a patient (i.e. Praia doesn’t need an MRN to function) is a welcome addition to the digital health ecosystem. Praia is leveraging identity and profile technologies to meet an acute industry need – to create better experiences for health consumers by seamlessly connecting fragmented data sources and point solutions at a consumer level, centralized in a health system’s web and mobile applications.

Xealth is proud to be Praia’s bridge into the clinical workflow, leveraging Xealth’s existing technology to provide Praia Health customers with the option to order consumer-facing digital health solutions, such as content, apps or programs, from the clinician-facing EMR interface.  

Xealth uses relevant patient activity and criteria from the EMR to connect patients with information, programs and resources that are part of virtual care enablement and delivery, linked to their electronic medical record. This capability enables clinicians at these health systems to digitally prescribe solutions, or to auto-prescribe them using EHR data and HL7 triggers such as an appointment, an admission or a discharge.

These digital interactions can be related to patient communication and education, digital app and program enrollment, RPM enablement, and even delivery of services such as meals or product kits for patients with identified SDoH needs.

Xealth’s API then enables Praia to present these clinically-indicated resources to health care consumers through their health system portal interface. 

Praia is a natural complement to Xealth, extending Xealth’s ability to drive patient engagement, as Praia provides easy access to content and programs Xealth has sent to them direct from their portal home page. 

Xealth is the digital health platform for thirty of the country’s leading health systems, and is excited to work with Praia to enable Praia’s customers to enhance the patient experience while creating their clinical digital formulary with Xealth – the centralized orchestration, management, deployment and measurement of digital health content, tools and platforms, based from the EHR. 


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