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Distribution is Everything: 5 Ways to Leverage Existing Content Using a Digital Health Platform

Fact: 94% of patients want educational content, yet only about two-thirds receive any.

While many health leaders recognize the need to bridge that gap using a digital health platform, they wrongly assume that new educational content and resources are needed—not true!

Before investing in new content, rethink how to leverage existing resources using a digital health platform: 

  • Digitize existing educational content. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Your health system likely has reams of underutilized printed educational programming—update it for today’s digital healthcare consumers. 
  • Automate the delivery of relevant educational content. Be confident your patients receive the right information without leaving it to the manual effort of providers or adding another step to your clinicians’ workflows. Really.
  • Develop care pathways to scale distribution. Patient engagement is not one-and-done. Set up workflows so that your patients receive relevant information across service lines and care journeys. 
  • Engage patients in their care journey. Give patients the opportunity to be proactive in self-managing their care by making health information and resources easily accessible when and where they are looking for them.
  • Track activity to leverage contextual engagement. When resources are distributed digitally, you have direct insight into when patients are most receptive to using and accessing the information shared with them so that your health system can optimize that for future engagement. 

Take control of your digital content distribution with Xealth.

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