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Sam Hernandez, Release Manager

How health systems are effectively tackling audiology, pre-surgical prep, and blood clots with digital health tools

Digital health is so much more than just an app—it’s about the creative use of technology to increase operational efficiencies across your enterprise, reduce clinician burden, and ultimately improve patient care. 

This month, we’re highlighting outcomes from recent digital initiatives related to:

  1. Managing audiology appointments
  2. Preparing patients for imaging appointments with anesthesia 
  3. Reducing blood clots after inpatient gynecological surgery

The beauty of the Xealth platform is that there are no limits to the use cases and workflows we can design to better meet the needs of your patient population. Never stop innovating is more than a catchphrase around here—it’s a mantra we live by. 

As the year comes to an end, we challenge health systems to reimagine what’s possible in a digital health strategy.  

Read on to learn how we’re helping large health systems across the country transform the patient-provider relationship and so much more. 

Featured Client Stories and Outcomes

Customer Highlights Q3 2022

Custom Education for Audiology Appointments

  • Organization: The Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin 
  • Business goal: With an increase in patients presenting with tinnitus symptoms, this organization sought to give patients information before their audiology visit so that clinicians could allocate time to higher complexity in-person interactions
  • Project: Rules-based recommendations depending on department and visit type that sends patients an email with a link to a video to help them with their tinnitus symptoms
  • Results: Since implementation, a total of 108 orders have been placed, with an average of 2-4 orders per day since go live. The highest-order department is CFAC AUDIOLOGY, of which 81.5% of patients have opened the message. Of those ~80% of patients, 31.5% have opened/clicked the video to watch

Programmatically Deliver Pre-Surgical Education from Healthwise

  • Organization: World-class academic medical center in the Southeast
  • Business goal: Provide patients with Healthwise educational content to help them prepare for imaging appointments with anesthesia 
  • Project: Ensure patients receive pre-surgical documents three days before their scheduled visit
  • Results: Largest Xealth go-live for this organization’s surgical content with more than 16,000 unique patients receiving pre-surgical educational materials

Using ERAS-Specific Education to Reduce Blood Clots

  • Organization: World-class academic medical center in the Southeast
  • Business goal: Use ERAS protocols to educate patients with scheduled inpatient gynecological surgery about how to prevent blood clots
  • Project: The order is triggered by a batch and can also be ordered manually. Patients are sent a message that includes the ‘Preventing Blood Clots’ video 
  • Results: 68% open rate for the message and 26% of recipients watched the video (as compared to 8% interaction with the previous Batch File Orders)

Read more about improving the virtual care experience and leveraging your patient communication technology platforms.

Partner Community Update

Our ability to quickly onboard the vendors and apps our health system clients work with is just one of the many benefits of Xealth’s health data aggregation platform

Here are three new partners:

  1. KidsHealth, provided by Nemours Children’s Health, expands Xealth’s ability to push education to parents, kids, teens, and educators
  2. Rimidi, a clinical management platform, supports device integration from FreeStyle Libre and Dexcom and renders these insights via Xealth’s Monitor View to support the care management of patients with diabetes
  3. Splendo Health, part of a Duke University Research Program, provides patients with assessments, training, and activity tracking to support cardiorespiratory function for pre-, peri- and post-transplant care

In addition, we continually grow existing partnerships and functionality. We recently expanded programs and enhanced workflows with the following:  

  1. Babyscripts: Another Xealth health system client has added Babyscripts’ Preeclampsia Monitoring Program to their catalog, which provides remote blood pressure monitoring to patients at higher risk.
  2. Caremap: Boston Children’s Hospital and Duke Health Systems collaborated to create an app for families of children and adults with complex medical needs. This use case is launched as part of a research study, across multiple service lines, to monitor how patients with and without the app progress in their care.
  3. Healthwise: This quarter we’ve launched new workflows to automatically deliver Healthwise content targeted for heart failure, diabetes, prediabetes, and surgical prep.
  4. Medline: Medline’s support for sending patient pre-surgical prep kits has been expanded to another Xealth health system client. More patients are now receiving soap to prepare their incision site prior to surgery. 
  5. Twistle: Twistle surgical pathways have been expanded and automated for patients scheduled for colonoscopies and hip and knee surgery. 
  6. Welldoc: We’ve enhanced the patient engagement for Welldoc’s chronic disease management platform, now providing patients with additional guidance on how to enroll and ensuring this information is available in the Patient Portal.

If you have questions about our connected partners and their programs, please contact your Account Director or Paige Stocks, Director of Partnerships at   

And, in case you missed it, check out our Q2 2022 customer highlights.

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